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waney lap panel closeboard or featheredge panel

We pride ourselves on the quality of both our fence panels and the garden fencing contractors service we provide.

Besides making our own good quality, but affordable, fence panels we also offer a fencing instillation service in the areas of Braintree, Chelmsford, and throughout Essex.
Supply only, or supply and fit service.

Erecting fencing is not always as simple as people like to think. . . .

Problems encountered can include:

  • Trees or bushes along the fencing line can cause big problems -
    roots and some branches may need to be removed to enable fence posts to be sunk in the ground.
  • A long forgotten concrete path or shed base maybe lurking a few centimetres below the earth -
    this will need to be broken up to allow the sinking of fence posts.
  • Water pipes or electric cabling not being sunk deep enough -
    fencing posts are normally sunken 18" ( 45cm ) in Essex soil which is mainly clay based.
  • Neighbourly disputes on fencing boundaries - these are suprisingly common.
  • Sloping gardens need careful planning with regards to stepping the fence panels -
    if not done properly this can completely spoil the look of your new fencing.

We have encountered all these problems - and a few more ! - whilst erecting fences in:

Chelmsford, Braintree, Dunmow, Colchester and all over Essex.

If you would like a free, no obligation, quote to install a new fence
please give Justin a call now on 07815 748418
Page updated : May 5, 2021