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Fence panels

My garden fencing panel range includes all the popular sizes of waney lap panels, closeboard (or featheredge) panels.

So if it's suppliers of cheap good quality garden fence panels ... look no further, you are in the right place !!

All my fencing is made by hand rather than machines ... If I can see a knot or blemish in the wood I can nail around it ... the fencing machines that make the sorry excuses for fence panels which are sold in DIY stores just bang the nails wherever the machine settings are ...
Result = something which resembles a hedgehog!

My up to the minute price list is maintained by the original "Woodyalan" and is guaranteed to be current so that you can price up your fencing job confident in the knowledge that what you see on this site is what you will pay.

I am based in Stebbing near Braintree in Essex and my prices are the cheapest, for the quality, on the web will appeal to retail and trade customers alike in the areas of :

Chelmsford, Braintree, Colchester, Bishops Stortford, Halstead, Dunmow, Witham

Garden fencing info

closeboard fence panels

My pressure treated closeboard garden fencing is designed to slot into concrete posts to make a very durable fence.
The four backing rails add strength and prevent the featheredge boards warping - the smaller the span between rails the better.
The most popular size for these are the 6ft x 5ft because most people have a 1ft concrete gravel board at the bottom of a panel which gives the total height of 6ft.
If you prefer to let someone else do the back-breaking work I am able to offer a fencing installation service.
Just give me a ring and I will arrange to give you an estimate.

waney lap fence panels

Some people prefer the look of the waney lap fencing which is normally put up using either 3" or 4" wooden posts.
The most popular size of these are the 6ft x 6ft as most people do not use a gravel board underneath these.
It is a good idea if possible to leave a small gap between the bottom of a panel and the ground to make them last longer.

My waney lap fence panels are a different animal to the ones sold in the big DIY stores which you are lucky to get home in one piece !
My waney panels have four upright battens on each side.
They are nailed EVERY slat each side and every other one on the middle battens.
They come in a tasteful chestnut colour rather than that horrible orange colour.
They use that colour because it supposedly makes the wood they use look better than it is !!

If erecting a fence is not your idea of fun an erection service is available - just ring to arrange a no obligation quote.

If you need any advice on garden fencing please feel free to contact me.

Page updated: May 5, 2021